To anyone who has heard the word impossible when talking about life situations or health... this is my brutally honest story of how I turned impossible into I'm possible.

In 2009... everything (I mean everything) that could go wrong, went into a state of disaster. Deaths, career, health, relationships... pick it, it fell apart in my world.  April 2009, I collapsed after my dearest uncle lost his battle to lung cancer. My reality was stress. 
Grief had won and I was expected to lose.
I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and panic attacks. It was common for me to spent 4 out of 7 days in an emergency room because of it. My days were filled with appointments... a lot of them. The advice was always the same... "here is a prescription... this is as good as it gets". In 2 years, I spent over $70K trying to get answers. "As good as it gets" wasn't good enough! I have two kids and it is my sole responsibility to raise them. Love for them wouldn't let me quit.
In January 2011, I ended up in emergency... AGAIN. My digestive system was in distress, I was in excruciating and debilitating side pain. My body quit digesting food. I blew a hole in my colon and I was passing blood every 15 minutes for hours. I thought that night was it. FINALLY, I was getting a CT scan, was convinced I was dying from colon cancer and the "experts" were missing it.
After fighting for two years for those tests, I KNEW if the answers came back negative I had to find another answer.... it wasn't possible to keep fighting the uphill battle I was on.... and the CT scan came back with "there is nothing wrong". No cancer, no reason for the bleeding, no reason for the pain and no answers.  
I was frustrated.

In 2009, I had studied alternative methods to understand how the body worked in an effort to feel better and help others. I managed to collect 14 certifications (AKA pieces of paper) since. 

Who knew your body has the capability to remember every event in your life? It's like it is a huge memory card filled with a series of pictures, videos and sounds that are taken, from your first breath to last. Emotion can be tied to those memories, and if not processed so your mind and body can understand it to release it, it will keep you "stuck".  It took me months to realize I got "stuck" when I was 8 years old. My younger brother jumped off of a rabbit hut, head first onto a rake.... and I was convinced that it was my fault. I suffered anxiety since, but no one, including me, could piece it together. 

My anxiety increased dramatically while living next door to my brother and I couldn't figure out why.  There is a huge garden in my back yard, my uncle (who babysat me while my parents were with my brother at the hospital) had been moved in with me while he was fighting cancer. We were taking regular trips to the hospital were my brother got stitches because that is where the cancer patients receive care.  There were many emotional triggers from something I thought I had forgot about decades prior... but I didn't have a clue back then how the mind and body connection worked. The moment I was able to release the emotions that were associated with the traumatic memories from the "rake" incident ... my anxiety was gone. When I say gone, I mean... no medication, no supplements, no pain in my side, no worrying about the future or obsessing about the past. It's gone. My last panic attack was in January 2012. I would have never figured out that episode was the source of my anxiety by trying to talk it out. I had no reason to even remember it ... my brother is alive and well. 

It became obvious why I suffered for so long. How do you talk about something that you can't even remember? 

Thank goodness that chapter closed because in 2014 cancer struck the family again and took my dad in May 2015. Reactions were different this time. As a family, we focused on our blessings rather than our loss. We are grateful for every moment we had.

I decided I wanted a different job that I could work from home ... a few days later I got a job offer on LinkedIn that would allow me to work from home... I took it. I had to go to Edmonton to meet my new employer 3 days before dads funeral. On the way home on the flight, I was able to see a heart shaped rainbow that turned into a circle and I wrote a book to raise awareness and then worked with a local foundation to launch a diagnostic fund. The rainbow picture is the cover of Journals of A Loved One that was published in October 2016. 

In 2017, I got to go to Nashville to meet my mentor, Andy Andrews, and have a semi-private dinner with him and his team ... a dream come true!  

I trained with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup For The Soul Series) and he did a shout out about my book to his Twitter followers.

I trained with Jeff Brown (The Uncommon Bond)

I have worked with Vanessa Simpkins and was branded as the Heartmending Mentor.

I've learned the hardest way possible that the easiest way to find solutions is to partner with experts that are aligned with your mission. Health and time are your most valuable assets...I truly hope you  make both of those a priority and understand that everything else can be bought. 
I have had the honour to work with so many amazing people who have felt let down, struggling for answers with a deep desire to get their life back to where they "feel" normal so they can start building their dreams. I literally cried when one client told me she had been fighting for 40 years and had more results in 4 sessions. It frustrates me to no end when the primary focus is on symptoms and the person around the condition, illness or circumstance is forgotten. You are not your diagnosis, that is not what defines you.
What is the cause???? 

You know what hurts... I'm willing to bet you understand that better than anyone. You may even know the event that caused it. My question: Why is your body holding on to it?

It fills my heart to overflowing watching people get out of their own way to chase their dreams, heal and find a way to turn impossible into I'm possible.

Does it work for everyone.... No.
I remember someone saying once, "I wish it was so easy for everyone to beat anxiety naturally".  My response to that is: 
It is simple, your body has all the answers. To find them, you have to know what it is trying to tell you. I'm grateful my journey taught me how to do that so I was able to heal and can help others.
It was a trip through hell and I survived. Beating anxiety and saving people time is an honour, but it was not easy.


Those Struggling With Limiting Beliefs
MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder)
Low-Self Esteem
People pleasing syndrome
Trauma induced conditions
People that have been diagnosed with "I don't know"

Stay amazing! Never give up. 

In 2009, I couldn't imagine any of these things being possible.... 

Dream Big! I mean REALLY BIG!

Blessings all.... Much love,


P.S. If you are currently on medication... STAY ON IT until your medical professional tells you otherwise! Please understand that getting these RESULTS required a significant lifestyle change, working with A LOT of experts including medical professionals, and it took perspective, persistence and patience.
    Heartmending Mission Statement
    The Heartmending Mentor's mission is to help 100,000 people to live their lives filled with love, joy, peace and confidence so that those individuals will become an inspiration for others do the same. Ultimately, with increasing positive perspective and emotion, the hope is the world will be a better place now, and for the generations yet to come.
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